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Thursday, February 08, 2007

She holds Trikonasana pose at the Seastacks.

Triangle pose is a yoga posture that improves every muscle, joint, tendon and internal organ in the body while revitalizing the nerves, veins, and tissues. Calm and inspire yourself as you find stillness, strength, balance, and flexibility in the body and mind.

May you take joy as you find yoga in every moment!



Big Dave T said...

Wow, awesome shot! I'm envious, being the ocean lover that I am.

Of course, I realize that green is the color most associated with envy, and green is also the color associated with the Michigan State Spartans. Ironic since we both know that MSU folk are jealous of the educational and sports dynasty that resides in A2.

Embrace your inner Wolverine. Go blue.

Beverly said...

I will try that position. We don't have any rocks like that at our beaches, though.

Thanks for your visit.

kenju said...

Have I ever told you how lovely it is to click on here and see something new? Anything at all.

srp said...

Wow! And is that you holding that position on that large and WET rock? What a gorgeous place, but how did "she" get on top and how will "she" stay there if a large wave comes crashing in? (Shiver) Love the ocean! Wouldn't it be fun to have a really big rock like this in a perfectly still and tranquil pond?

vicki said...

Embrace your inner Wolverine. I'm sorry. I laughed.

I have been enjoying yoga classes immensely down here- enough so that I called my friend Linda, who is visitng next week and said "bring your mat!" Being outside for class is the best of both worlds.

It's true- it's always a pleasure to find you here!

Gail said...

I love the picture. When I 'conquer' ardha chandrasana that is where I want to celebrate! Will you take my picture?

Miz S said...

The seastacks! I went there!

I am often calmed and inspired by you, Miss Bonnie Belle.

raehan said...

And you didn't invite me?

While I was all busy being content, you were busy talking yoga to the ocean.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Thanks for stopping by to talk yoga to us, too.

teahouse said...

Wow..great photo!!

How on earth did this person get onto that rock ledge like that??

Margaret said...

Here I was just at the ocean, but didn't do any yoga poses like this. I would fall off the rock; I have a problem with balance. (and heights) You inspire me to try yoga again!

Melanie said...

Neat pic! Is that you? I've been to the seastacks in Oregon in Cannon Beach.

vicki said...

I'm back to tell you how much I am LOVING my yoga class. The only thing that would make it better is if you would come visit and go with me.

MSUgal86 said...

that "namaste" better mean hello and not goodbye! thanks for posting Spartan Sis. great photo. I think you have convinced me that yoga is something I need to explore.

Anonymous said...

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